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in the packaging sector since 1994

UNIMEC is an important enterprise operating into packaging market since 1994.

Formerly established as ILPRA Group “not food” division, after few years UNIMEC extended its sphere of activity to “food” branch as well, in order to follow the continuous growth and expansion of this market. Consequently to the growth of its activity, UNIMEC became the exclusive Italian Agent of whole ILPRA production and, at the same time, it developed its own line of products particularly intended for two important and peculiar sectors of the food market: Small Industry and Large-scale retail trade (department stores/supermarkets chains).

Loyal to its philosophy of constant research and development, aimed at provide a wide range of valid solutions to the Customers, UNIMEC designed its own line of products: thanks to the long experience of ILPRA Group and to the precious feedback received from the market, UNIMEC is able to provide technical advises and plans for food packaging (sliced cold meats, meat and poultry, cheese, fresh pasta, ready meals and so on).

Conceiving and manufacturing its products, UNIMEC always considers both the economical side and the quality, which is always the essential requirement of its production.

The result of this policy is a reliable and high performance range of products, available on the market at the best price conditions.

The electric, electronic and pneumatic components used for manufacturing UNIMEC machines are supplied by the most reliable international service providers, in order to keep high the quality of the products and to offer the best service to the Customer in any country the world.

UNIMEC team is made up of experienced and skilled people, working “on the field” since many years. Thanks to this knowledge UNIMEC is able to find and suggest the right solution to any requirement or problem, always remembering the main point of UNIMEC policy:

"Customer’s Satisfaction"

We focused all our efforts reaching this aim. The secret of our continuous growth is based in our Customers’ satisfaction. This is our firm policy: we keep on as we started, open minded toward the future and focused on our most precious gift: